Instrumentation & Control System

Instrumentation & Control System

Factors like Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Flow, pH, Force, Speed etc. are vital in some industries. Therefore our sophisticated Instrumentation & Control System applies controls to equipments or design systems to bring desired changes. We remain dedicated to empower you to control your own prosperity and success!

Qualitative, reliable and time tested services are provided in – Calibration, Loop checking and Pre-commissioning of Instrument & Control equipment, loop Check Folder Assembly and ITP Database Generation, loop & Cause and Effect Checks, punch & Clear Progress Tracking, Integrated Control System Checks, control Loop Tuning and system Failure Mode / Alarms Testing.

Our instrumentation & Control Systems are quality and time tested. The following are provided at best prices – Installation of Control & Instrument cables, Transmitter, Electronic, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Instruments, Junction Boxes, DCS, PLC, RTUs and SCADA systems, laying and Pulling of Instrument and control cables.

Our bunch of world – class also include – Final Documentation, conducting FAT & Post FAT Recovery Support, conducting SAT & Post SAT Recovery Support and System Functional Testing.

We leave no stone unturned to render world class service and meet competition. The QMS (Quality management system) at Ampleis Services makes sure that the quality and satisfaction is delivered to the client, once the project is completed. To attain this objective, several processes, procedures, policies, plans and checklists, are followed, ensuring that the goals are achieved.

We believe and treat a talented, strong, dedicated and agile workforce, as an asset. Therefore, the positive and friendly working environment that we have enables them to work to their potential. Having ensured their well being, including consideration being given to their social and economical aspects, we stay committed to achieve satisfaction of customers!

We believe, a satisfied and dedicated manpower enhances productivity. Hence, by ensuring their safety by providing them ideal environment, their commitment is gifted to us, which in turn makes it possible for us to work to perfection.

We believe customer is the king and hence we realize their concerns. Therefore, we reassure them of providing world class products and services at very competitive, reasonable and affordable prices!