Various services engineers are responsible for the services like the lighting, power, ventilation, Heating, cooling, water services etc. are important for a building’s functionality. Hence, being a certified company, we offer these services to our customers at better prices than other firms because of our exceptional capabilities.

We provide outstanding services and comprehensive installations since we realize that any fault can cause invaluable loss of life and profitability. Our vision is to lay foundation of a better world, bright future and prosperity!

Before a client even purchases land, our engineers assess its suitability for construction. By evaluating factors such as land and finding a way to deliver accessible services, they pave the path to quality construction. They regularly monitor the performance at every step completed according to the design.

Acknowledging this, we stand up to the task in – Supply and Installation of HVAC system, Fire Fighting Sprinklers, above and Underground Piping Work, installation of piping and pumping equipment and Installation Chillers, cooling towers and AHU fans.

As we acknowledge the importance of being competitive, we go an extra mile in rendering world class service. The QMS (Quality management system) at Ampleis Services ensures that quality and satisfaction to the client, once the project is completed in a professional and time – buond manner. For this achievement, we go through several processes, procedures, policies, plans and checklists, ensuring the goals being achieved.

The awesome and friendly working environment that we have, is the result of the relationship we share with our employees. This bears us fruits in the form of a talented, strong, dedicated and agile workforce. By paying due consideration to natural, social and economical aspects, we stay committed to achieve satisfaction of customers!

Delivering quality products and services within a time – bound manner is imperative to win loyalty and trust of customers. Therefore, through our policies we ensures that our employees work to their potential, which in turn makes it possible for us work to perfection.

Since satisfaction of customers is imperative for us, we realize their concerns. Therefore, we reassure and satisfy them by providing world class products and services at very competitive, reasonable and affordable prices!